Royal Grass

Royal Grass Silk 35 is our bestseller. Why it’s so popular? First, this artificial grass is incredibly soft and looks lovely and full. Full as grass is meant to be. A pleasure to walk on and beautiful to look at. This artificial grass, which has a light brown synthetic rootzone, is right for you if you favour a luxurious appearance. It is as good as natural grass, if not even better!

Silk 35


A nice and soft playing surface for children in a beautiful olive green colour. 35 mm high and fitted with supporting thatch, V-shape and MiNT.


The summer green colour is attractive and the light brown synthetic thatch gives it an additional natural aura. Success speaks for itself and we can state with confidence that this colour appeals to the largest number of people. Through the combination of fresh green and olive-coloured blades of grass, the colour is bright but not too conspicuous.

Key Features

– 35 mm tall grass blades
– Fitted with supporting rootzone
– Fresh, summer green colour
– Extremely suitable as a soft playing surface for children
– MiNT technology for minimum glare

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